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How Much Does It Really Cost to Call Italy?

October 2, 2015

Calling Italy from Canada can get quite expensive as it is a long distance telephone call, so it is important to understand exactly how much each minute costs and where you can receive the best plan and rates for your money. Additionally, it is essential to know exactly how to make the call so that everything runs smoothly.

How to Call Italy

Calling Italy has four components. First, you dial the long distance code, Italy's country code, the city code, and then the number that you are trying to reach. So long as you follow this formula, each call made to Italy should be free of errors.

This is a sample phone number for calling Italy, replacing all of the digits with zeros. As we walk through the codes, the real numbers will replace the placeholders.

The Phone Number: 000-000-0000-000-000

The long distance code varies by country or continent, but for Canada and the United States the long distance code is 011.

The Phone Number: 011-00-0000-000-000

After this, you would dial the country code for Italy, which is 39.

The Phone Number: 011-39-0000-000-000

The next component, listed previously, is the city code. City codes in Italy are the equivalent of area codes in Canada. They vary by city or region?as an example, Rome's code is 06. Remember that you cannot drop the leading zero in the city code. After the city code, you dial the rest of the phone number that you want to call. For the purposes of this sample number, the numbers will only be placeholders.

The Phone Number: 011-39-06-456-789

How Much Does It Cost?

Under Telehop, there are two options available to consumers. Below is a breakdown of their costs when calling Italy directly.

Per Minute Calling

The first option, per minute calling, is designed for those customers who make the occasional call to Italy and are looking for low per minute long distance rates. Under this plan, calling any part of Italy costs 1.9 cents per minute and 10.9 cents on a cellular phone, regardless of when you place the call.

Key features included in this scheme are direct dial services, using this plan from any phone, the ability to either recharge as needed or enrol in the Auto Recharge service so you will never run out of funds, as well as a simple minimum of five dollars to start.

Calling Plan

Of course, if you plan to make many phone calls to Italy, especially if they are long calls, per minute calling may not be the best option. Luckily, Telehop also offers an Unlimited Global Calling Plan. For $19.99 each month, you will have no need to switch phone companies, instant activation of your new plan, no surprise bills, as well as no extra charges and the ability to call over 40 countries from Canada (including Italy). Note that this plan is intended for residential use and fair use applies for the unlimited allowance.

All unlimited bundles Telehop offers, including this Unlimited Global Plan, are renewed every month. However, there are no commitments, providing each customer with the maximum amount of flexibility with their plans.

Now you are fully informed about how to call Italy and how much it needs to call. Happy dialling!