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What is the Best International VoIP Plan?

September 11, 2015

Keeping in touch is important - whether it's with colleagues, family, or friends, we all need to communicate with each other. However, many landline phone plans, especially in Canada, can be very expensive, and these kinds of plans are being quickly abandoned as many people switch over to Internet calling services.

VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) allows you to use your existing Internet service provider to make voice calls by adapting your phone's analogue signal into a digital one. This conversion offers affordable calling rates and reliable service, not depending on the sometimes unreliable Wi-Fi or data on your cell phone or computer.

Since home phone plans are so expensive, in addition to what you pay for Internet already, why not cut out the middleman with a more affordable transition from analogue calling to digital calling?

Video Calling

For the occasional video call, video calling offers some decent services and plans, but the problem with this service, is all the data that it uses. If you are stuck without a Wi-Fi connection, you could get caught paying an arm and a leg to use their calling services via your phone's data plan. The international phone calling rates also leave much to be desired, as does the reliability of the service itself and the range of countries you can reach.

For a cheap-yet spotty service, video calling is adequate for casual calling and video chatting ? but, for a high-use business setting, or a work-from-home setting, it doesn't quite cut it.


For using a broadband Internet connection for voice communications, Telehop offers a number of plans to add on to your current plan with either one of Canada's major telecommunications companies (Bell, Rogers, Telus). This is the best add-on for a home phone or business phone plan, as it offers reliable service, affordable international calling rates, and a simple, affordable set-up.

For businesses that need to make international calling often, or for those that work at home and also need to do so, Telehop offers a number of flexible plans to convert your analogue phone into a digital one, saving you all the hassle and hidden fees that most long-distance calling plans have. Also, Telehop services come equipped with many desirable add-ons that other providers overcharge for (call waiting, voicemail, conference calling) at no extra costs.

The more people using the service, the cheaper it is, too: for 20-49 users, you can start a new office plan for $21.99 per month.

Perhaps the best part of the service is that you don't need to switch from your existing provider ? let Telehop take care of your calling needs while you continue to pay your monthly internet rate, all with no hidden fees or complicated setup.

So, if you find yourself needing to make frequent international calls, for business purposes or otherwise, Telehop offers flexible, reliable VoIP service for any needs and purpose. The days of analogue calling are going by quickly, and as many people and businesses are making the shift to VoIP communications, you may want to do the same if you haven't yet!