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What Kind of Phones do CEOs use for Business Calls?

May 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered what CEOs and business pioneers use to make calls for business and personal issues? The answers may surprise you, although it tends to come down to efficiency topped with personal taste.

Apple products lead the pack for phones that CEOs use themselves. They tend to use software designed specifically for Apple hardware, which is part of the draw toward Apple products of every variety in the first place. You don't just buy a single Apple device? you buy into the Apple ecosystem that rests upon the convenience of interconnectivity between your essential personal devices.

You can buy Apple computers in the form of both desktops and laptops. You can transfer your music to an iPod or an iPhone, which can synchronize all of your contacts across your devices. You might even have an iPad for business trips or just personal travelling. CEOs often need to be in touch with employees even during time off, so a connected and intuitive ecosystem appeals to people constantly in communication with so many people.

Famous executives who use iPhones include Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has a good relationship with Apple, and apparently gets phones for free. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors and someone involved with PayPal, supposedly loves to read on his iPhone. Apple's wide range of news apps and electronic book store rivalling that of Amazon appeal to someone constantly on the go.

Blackberry comes second in the pack. Some people question its label as an actual 'smart phone,' although none deny that it simply works. It lacks the library of social and entertaining apps that appear all over the Android and Apple market places, but it processes messages incredibly fast and reliably.

Blackberry no longer dominates the mobile phone market, but it has always appealed to business­oriented people. It still retains this niche today through its efficiency and security features, which many executives covet. Blackberry Limited, the company that produces Blackberry phones, has recently entered into a partnership with Samsung to create similar security features for Samsung phones. This could change the way that business leaders choose phones for business calls.

President Barack Obama fought to continue using his Blackberry upon entering the Whitehouse because it simply offered better security than any other platform. Frankly, the blackberry's slightly retrograde feel can make them more efficient with battery power as well.

Android comes in third place among executives themselves. This could change with the aforementioned partnership between Blackberry and Samsung, as Samsung produces many of the highest­quality Android phones. Putting RIM's security features on an Android device could make Samsung's products the best mix of affordability, social utility, and business­oriented efficiency between all of the major cell phone platforms.

Google's executives use Android products, although this shouldn't surprise anyone. It's a statement of confidence and pride in Google's heavy involvement in Android software. Google also owns Motorola, whose smart phones now use the Android operating system. Google has given Android devices a fantastic platform for integration: Gmail works well for business communication and makes it easy to strike a solid work­life balance on any given device.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, used a Huwei Ideos for its long battery life, simplicity, and low price tag: "I learned a lot about how the next huge cohort of people coming online in the developing world will experience the Internet." He now uses the Samsung Galaxy S5 for its battery­saving process, which limits screen brightness and background processes, such as GPS locating.

So, which phones do CEOs use for business calls? The answer is that it's not always just about business. That's how most smart phones rank with today's business leaders. Get in touch with us at iRoam to see how we can make international travel more affordable for you (even if you aren't a CEO)!